Greensboro Tree Health And Care

We should strive for everything in our lives to be healthy and well-cared for. The same should be said for our property - including our trees and plants. The difference between a healthy lawn and trees and unhealthy vegetation can be monumental. 

Healthy trees improve the value of your property, makes you feel at ease, and can even ramp up the price when you sell them. With a certified arborist and a great Greensboro tree care company in your corner, you won’t have to worry. We care about your trees so be sure to learn about us!

A tree service may even be all you need - possibly with a little bit of DIY work - to achieve your goals of healthy trees and plants. 

Keep you r tree healthy in Greensboro

The Importance of Tree Health and Care in Greensboro

We all love our lawns and trees in Greensboro, whether it’s something like a red maple tree or any of the other gorgeous trees growing in our area. As earlier stated, healthy trees can really improve the quality of your life and even earn you some money if you don’t plan on living in the house forever. It may at first seem to be an effort that is painstaking at first, it soon becomes second nature and will only require a bit of routine upkeep (including annual tree trimming in Greensboro).

All in all, the importance lies in keeping your trees happy and healthy so that they can live a long time. Dead trees are an eyesore, and they can get quite expensive if they’re large enough and eventually warrant the need for removal. This can quickly get expensive, especially considering that there are numerous ways to prevent this from happening.

What Do Trees Need?

All in all, trees aren’t that hard to take care of, though it’s more of a marathon - not a sprint. You will have to be a little diligent and check for any abnormalities, though most of this is done through hiring an arborist.

Here are a few of the common things that make a successful and healthy tree:

Water. As like with any other plant, you need to water your trees - especially here. As a rule of thumb, mature trees need about an inch of water per week. Younger trees (the first two growing seasons) need a bit more attention, as they can drink about 6 to 10 gallons per week without fail.

Fertilizing. In the wild, trees don’t need much, but that’s not the case where people live. This is due to us removing much of the grass clippings and leaves from our lawns. Adding a slow-release fertilizer will release these missing nutrients. Be sure to check your soil to see whether or not it’s working well.

Pruning. Tree trimming service in Greensboro will be an excellent aid for this. Trimming removes some of the deadwood and improves the tree’s overall structure. Major pruning projects can be done in the dormant season (fall and winter), while light jobs can virtually be done year-round. 

Mulch. Mulch protects the tree from lawnmowers, keeps the soil moist, and acts as an insulator for tree roots. Mulch can be even more effective if you remove the grass underneath the tree. We also suggest you refrain from adding any mulch to the base of the tree. Also, be sure to spread about 3 inches of mulch in a ring around the tree.

Hire an Arborist in Greensboro

Arborists are your best friends when it comes to tree care and health. Other tree trimming companies will probably be your second best,. Most arborists have spent a great amount of time diagnosing, treating, and coming up with unique plans to assure that every tree they come across lives a long and healthy life. 

A good arborist will come up with a tree health report and give you one that you can study and follow. They’ll even do intermittent checkups to assure that the tree is on the right path. 

Hire Us for Tree Care in Greensboro

If you’re looking for someone to come out and give your trees great maintenance, preventative trimming, and more - give us a call. We’re a licensed, and insured company willing to go above and beyond to make sure that your lawn is one of the strongest in the neighborhood. 

At Tree Service Pro Greensboro, we genuinely care about your trees and will do everything we can to see them excel!