Tree Trimming and Maintenance Greensboro

Tree trimming Greensboro companies offer you a lot of options for your home or business. Not only are there different companies, but there are also different methodologies in which these companies use to get the same job done. While we’re not going to specifically say which ones are bad in proper Greensboro tree care, we will talk about some of those that we know that have worked in the past. 

Tree Service Pro Greensboro is one that has been in business for over 10 years, licensed and perform all work with cutting edge materials used in the tree industry. We also have a suite of great options for tree trimming and routine maintenance. We offer these services in hopes that you will have beautiful, illustrious trees that stand the test of time.

The Importance of Tree Trimming

First and foremost, tree trimming is done to keep people around it safe. Branches can be a lot heavier than you think, and when you factor in the height in which they can fall, you can potentially have a recipe for disaster. To prevent this, we suggest you prune trees every few months or so. This can dramatically decrease the chance of branches falling.

Tree trimming will also keep your tree in its best possible health. Oftentimes trees can fight each other for sunlight and nutrients. Invariably, a branch wins out to the detriment of other branches of the tree. Not only will this make some of these branches fall, they may cause weight issues of the entire tree. This can open the door for tree lean, disease, and ultimately the death of the whole tree itself.

Greensboro Tree TrimmingGreensboro branch removal

The Best Methods for Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is probably one of the best services in which we provide as one of the renowned Tree Service Greensboro companies. There are a few schools of thought when maintenance is concerned, but we generally insist that most trimming is done in the late fall or winter, should you have not found some dead branches in the particular tree.

Trees can be stressed out by a lot of activity, just like most other organic things. Any removal of a branch will cause some damage to the tree, so it’s imperative that you try to err on the side of removing branches when they’re mostly dormant. That way, they’re more susceptible in keeping their sap and nutrients. Of course, variables exist here - specifically in the species of the tree and where it’s located. 

It’s for this reason that we only insist on using certified arborists to come and conduct any work. It eliminates virtually all of the guesswork.

Reasonable Expectations for Tree Trimming

There are few things that can rack up more than a tree removal cost. To prevent this, tree trimming should always be on your (at least!) yearly to-do list. Tree trimming costs can also be added to this list, though you’ll find that they’re usually substantially less than just lopping the whole tree down. 

In any event, reasonable expectations for tree trimming and maintenance should start with a plan of expectation. The truth of the matter is that some trees can fail, but this can be mitigated through the use of a great Greensboro Tree Service. Moreover, the home or business owner should want to generally cut no more than 30% of the total area of the tree. While you may not get immediate results with this method, it’s proven to impart the least stress on the tree and will heighten the chance for your tree to stay alive. 

Why Choose a Qualified Tree Trimmer

All Greensboro tree care is potentially dangerous. If for anything else, that should be a reason why you should call someone to get it done. Trees can move unexpectedly when you apply shears or a chainsaw to them, much more so if they’re not roped and affixed correctly. With this being one of the more problematic home service jobs, it’s simply not worth it to try to work it out without a licensed company.

We also think that tree trimming has its own issues. Firstly, it can be tough to ascertain which branches should be cut as opposed to one that may be right next to it. If you cut some of the wrong ones or too much of the tree, you run the risk of not only being in danger - but also the death of the tree.