Hiring a tree service in Greensboro can be difficult. There is e a number that can all potentially help, though we all know that some are much better than others. Of all of them, Tree Service Pro Greensboro has long been responsible for providing North Carolina with incredible options in tree removal, tree trimming, stump removals, and more! 

We’re available for both commercial and residential tree work. We’re also a company that’s diligent and completely able to do the work prescribed. Our knowledgeable staff is one that continues to cut down the competition in all that we do.

Looking for a “Tree Service Near Me”? Here are some of our most requested services!

Tree Removal Greensboro

Tree removal services in Greensboro can and will improve the quality of your life. We all know that hazardous trees can be dangerous to our home and other assorted property, but tree removals can also improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Just about everyone knows - or currently has themselves - someone with a tree issue that needs to be addressed.

The fact of the matter is that it can be an expensive undertaking, one of which requires a professional service staffed with people who know what they’re doing. They should practice safety, accuracy, and professionalism. 

It’s not always the case with some companies. While some companies can promise a few - only Tree Service Pro Greensboro has the ability to bring all of these to every home or business we come across. You should expect nothing less.

We can remove hazardous, dangerous/dying trees, and we’re even available for 24 hours service. We simply spare no expense for our customers and we’ll be there when you need us to get your tree work done - large or small.

Tree Trimming Greensboro

 Qualified tree service companies in Greensboro all provide tree pruning services. There’s a number of them that may be able to fill in and do the job, but certified tree companies take this to a level that’s beyond compare. 

The most important factor in tree trimming is the tree’s health. While it’s always important for your trees in your yard to look great, it’s even more important for them to feel great, too! Tree health is a concern for both the company doing the work and the person hiring the company, so it’s imperative that you choose a company that puts that at the forefront. 

Some companies don’t - and this is why we always push certification on every person looking to have a tree trimmed. Failing that, you’ll ultimately have a company come back and remove the dead tree, so an annual maintenance schedule is always advised.

An annual program allows you to both save a fair amount of money and have the landscaping that you can hang your hat on. Tree Service Pro Greensboro has a proven track record of crowning, pruning, skirting, crown reduction, and more for homeowners, business owners, HOAs, and more!

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Emergency Tree Service Greensboro

It’s always good to have someone in your corner should disaster ever strike. Trees don’t really fall at a schedule, so assure that you have a name that you can trust should you find yourself in an emergency situation - especially with a tree. 

They’re heavy, cause literal tons of damage, and can even hurt someone unfortunate enough to be close when it comes down crashing.

There are a few reasons why a tree or branch could fall. Dying, disease, or an invasive species are common culprits. Throughout the US itself, there are a variety of insects, fungi, and general diseases that can befall your tree. It’s for this reason that we will always suggest that trees get inspections every year. 

We also understand that it’s not always enough - a tree just may fall due to age or inclement weather. In whichever case, call Tree Service Pro Greensboro if you want someone out in a hurry. We don’t have closing hours - we will mobilize our crew at any time to handle your tree needs 24/7. 

If you feel as if your tree and/or property may be in danger, please call us now and we can get started as soon as possible!

Commercial Tree Service

Greensboro tree care will oftentimes require doing work on a commercial property. While a lot of the process is the same, there are some extra considerations to take stock of if you’re expecting a job well done.

Of course it’s in your best interest to find a company who can do the work, but you’ll probably want one that is of the utmost in appearance, professionalism, and will treat you as a willing partner. 

If you’re a public-facing company, you understand the importance of curb appeal. You want a Greensboro tree company to come in and get rid of the offending trees or limbs as soon as possible. You’ll also want their worksite to be a bit neater than even some residential jobs, as you may have potential clients coming in without warning.

Your brand depends on a neat and tidy property and a, insured, and professional tree care company can bring that to your business without suffering any on your bottom line.

Brush and Land Clearing 

Brush and land clearing is a vital process for a number of reasons - mainly being cleanliness and preparation for something in the future. Truth be told, this kind of work is a bit of an arduous task. It removes removing trees, cleaning up a variety of vegetation, and removing said vegetation from the property. Since it does often require removing trees in a variety of conditions, you can’t just hire anyone to do the work.

It often will also require specialized tools used in tandem to get the job done right. It’s not uncommon to see wheeled carriers, grapples, deck mowers, jaws, chippers, mulchers, in addition to some of the more common things used by standard Greensboro tree companies. You’ll also have to trust the people who use these tools. 

Stump Removal 

Stump grinding and removal is paramount if you want to get the best out of your yard. Cutting down a tree is a great start - but then you’re kind of left with the stump. This may be fine for some people, but it may not solve the underlying issue as to why you had to get rid of the tree in the first place.

Stumps can be infected with a variety of critters, insects,  and ailments. Any of these potentially adverse agents working in your yard can spread to the rest of the yard - and thereby - your trees and other vegetation. 

Stump removal does require a fair amount of work, though we think it’s instrumental if you’re looking to be able to reclaim your lawn and add to its value.

Mowing, lawn treatments, and uniformity can be achieved if you remove stumps in your lawn after you decide to remove the tree. It may cost a little more from the onset, but your lawn will thank you when you’re saving on landscaping costs. This isn’t even factoring in the peace of mind. 

Firewood and Mulch Services

We also offer mulch and firewood! We understand it’s important for customers to be able to call a tree service and grab some of their firewood. Fortunately - Tree Service Pro Greensboro sells firewood and mulch to everyone in our area.

Much like our heralded trimming and removal services, we can quickly book you and bring whatever you need to your home. We carry a variety of both hardwood and softwoods, perfect for both putting in your home to enjoy a relaxing and warming fire, as well as some great selections for a wood-burning stove.

The same can be said about our mulch, our tree service provides mulch that will improve the quality of your landscaping from both an aesthetic and a nutrient-rich standpoint. We believe in only ethical ways to collect both. We promise that all of our wood will present the desired effect.

Why Us for Tree Removal Greensboro?

We provide our services because we absolutely love trees and helping people. We like to provide our service because we understand how many tree companies out there operating under the guise of a great company - but just show up with a truck and underprepared workers. 

Our Greensboro tree care company is the picture of professionalism, courtesy, and ability to complete the job - without breaking the bank. In choosing us, you’re getting a licensed, and insured company that works within the best practices in the ISA. Call us today and we can get started!