Greensboro Stump Removal 

There’s a lot that goes into tree removal. From planning to the actual work, you’re going to have a plan of action and attack it. Stump grinding and removal can and should be a part of this, as you want to be sure that your lawn will look exactly as you plan it to be. 

Tree Service Pro Greensboro is an expert in stump removal, and that’s important because a lawn with barren stumps will more than likely be a bit of an eyesore. If you’re a person who takes great care of your trees and lawn, you know that this is probably not an option.

This is reason enough for many people to choose removal over just letting it stay there, though we have amassed a few reasons why you’d want to choose to remove stumps from your property, as well. These include both hazardous and possible personal choices that you may not be immediately considering.

Stump Removal in greensboro

Why Greensboro Stump Removal is Necessary

We suggest people remove stumps because they have a way to infect other flora and fauna from decay and disease. Termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects love to make homes out of stumps. This can be fine for some, but generally disastrous for people who take pride in their lawns and gardens. 

If you find that your stumps are infected with any of these, you’ll soon find that the rest of them to suffer the same fate.

Danger in Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can also be pretty dangerous for people. On one hand, failing to remove a stump can cause a hazard for people who walk on your lawn. Tripping may not be a big deal for some, but young children are especially susceptible to falling over stumps. You may not be considering this worth a lawsuit, but some people can - and makes the price a lot more favorable than a judgment against you.

Stumps also can still have growing roots. If left untreated, these roots will continue to grow and impact sidewalks, driveways, and even homes. Once to their own devices, it can be very expensive for you to remedy them without some pretty significant damage to poured concrete, asphalt, or even your own home. Roots are very resilient, all they need is a bit of offshoot water to spread even more, making a bad problem much worse.

This is in addition to the stumps being responsible for new growth. Some stumps can actually sprout new smaller trees around the stump, leaving a mess in your yard that you’ll have to clean up in addition to just mowing your lawn.

Yard Space and Beautification Greensboro

Let’s face it, a lot of tree work is beautification of one’s property. We also think that it’s an excellent way for you to save space in your yard. Even though stumps may be a huge improvement over a large and unsightly tree, we feel similarly about stumps. They’re simply not the prettiest thing, regardless of how you may decide to dress them up. 

If you don’t have a very large yard, you will find that the stump will take up more space than you’re thinking - even more, if you have a lot of exposed roots from the stump. In essence, you’re replacing one problem for another one, as you still won’t be able to make use of the space that you’ve gotten from the tree’s removal.

Removing the stump maximizes your space in the yard, allowing for more beautification projects in the future.

The tree company is already there cutting and removing all of the stumps, it only makes sense for them to finish the job. 

Hire a Tree Service Greensboro NC professional  for Stump Removal

It’s important to hire a specialist to remove stumps from your lawn. It’s said that stump removal can be as arduous a job as removing several trees. Removing stumps require special materials, personnel, and equipment. 

They’ll know whether they’ll need to burn, rot, or any combination of other tools of the trade to get the job done. This isn’t a job for even the most ardent of do-it-yourselfers if you want the best results. You could lose a bumper, the stump, or the quality of your lawn.

If you’re looking to separate the good companies from some of the not-so-good ones, you’ll need to insist that the company has licensing, certifications, and the employees to do it efficiently. Don’t trust this or any other tree work to those who don’t have all three of them, as you may not get the results that you’re looking for.